Project Delivery

Project Delivery

Our experts have years of experience in delivering real estate related projects to the market and over the years and through academic research we have found the major cause for delays in delivery of projects is the lack of team collaboration, finding the right experts on time and ineffective communication throughout the process.

This can lead to projects either being delayed, costs escalating and quite often projects either running over time or not completing at all.

Often each expert works in isolation of the other to achieve their goals without any real knowledge of the overall picture or keeping to the end users business goals.

Projects are often delivered without any real measurement of timelines leading to wasted costs. There is often a  lack of due diligence throughout the process leading to unanticipated delays, projects not going ahead on time, possible litigation and failure of projects.

Devatas International provides an innovative way to deliver real estate projects using legal methodology to measure each stage of the process to ensure maximum return on your investment.

We work with multinational organisations, mid-sized companies, or small start-up entities to provide a strategic roadmap for the growth of your business and then deliver your project using quality experts under our bespoke project delivery system

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