Affiliates – experts and professionals working in collaboration

For Clients

We have carried out a strict search and selection process to provide the right affiliates to ensure the core skills we provide are carried out by industry known experts in their field of expertise including but not limited to architects, surveyors, designers, fit out companies, building experts, accountants, lawyers, management consultants, finance, insurance providers etc so that professional “teams” can be constructed for individual client projects

We bring a combination of sector knowledge and the leadership, insight and management tools to ensure successful delivery of the project. We can help you, whether you’re a multinational organisation, mid-sized company, or a small enterprise or start-up.


The unique culture of our organisation alongside our unique offering of affiliate network aims to provide client satisfaction through the creation of an environment where talented people thrive and want to work.

The Devatas International philosophy is that

  • We are not just advisors that can merely talk a good game, we are also action orientated and will assign a team of professionals to provide a powerful mix of intellectual agility and hands on delivery
  • We   take accountability and responsibility for your success, typically connecting our commercial success to your commercial success
  • We do not just offer off the shelf services for your projects but we believe in treating each new client opportunity as unique and tailoring the solution to meet defined and agreed objectives
  • We are impartial and independent
  • We take pride in our reputation
  • We believe that success is underpinned by action that is carefully planned and decisively executed
  • In applying common sense to individual client situations, scaling our approach to the job at hand
  • We believe in improving our skills through training, staying abreast of industry innovations and sharing knowledge and intellectual property. Industry knowledge, when teamed with sector expertise, is critical in delivering a return on investment to our clients.

Deadlines, market forces and economic changes can make the business world a highly stressful place. We believe in making time to have fun and celebrate team and company successes, which helps to make achieving success an enjoyable experience

For Affiliates

We offer our affiliates the opportunity to work in collaboration with us on client projects and cross-network with one another.

Some of the benefits of joining our network are: –

  • Joint affiliate marketing/seminars
  • Focused lunches
  • Networking events
  • Monthly magazine keeping you informed of developments within Devatas and projects
  • Ability to network with other professionals in our organisation
  • Roundtable debates

If you are a professional in the following areas, please contact us find out more about the benefits of joining our network

  1. Architects
  2. Accountants
  3. Building Engineers
  4. Lawyers
  5. Surveyors
  6. HR consultants
  7. Cultural experts
  8. Finance
  9. Strategy consultants
  10. Management consultants
  11. Business coaches
  12. Risk and Compliance experts
  13. Corporate Governance experts

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