Who We Are – about us


Today’s businesses face an environment in which the pace of change is both unprecedented and relentless. As the nature and scale of change is becoming ever more complex, the ability to deliver change effectively is increasingly essential.

It is often difficult to identify the right partner and team to collaborate with to ensure your business continues to succeed. There are a myriad of providers of professional services in the market place who are competing to get your attention and it can often seem like a complex maze of endless choice to find the best fit provider for your business.


When you are looking for a due diligence provider it is important to find the right provider that will meet best practice

Clear scope and documented processes

Due diligence scope, process and detail developed, reviewed and implemented by an experienced multi-disciplinary expert professional team

Integrated due diligence and IT solutions

We provide an integrated set of solutions using technology and our central project management tool

Dedicated client relationship team

Dedicated resources to manage workflows, requests and issues that a due diligence programme requires. We assign a dedicated team to each and every client and provide a direct line of communication to each expert and a central report through our project management tool

Scope of work

Our reports dig beneath the surface, gathering information from a diverse range of sources such as legal title, intellectual property rights, company regulation and compliance, anti-bribery laws, litigation, property acquisition and disposal, sustainability, financial, market research, sales and marketing, business and personal/business coaching