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Let your mind start a journey thru a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be…Close your eyes let your spirit start to soar, and you’ll live as you’ve never lived before.

Erich Fromm


Over 18 months ago my business partner and I were sitting in a French cafe on the Riviera attending an International Property conference (MIPIM), watching the many delegates from all over the world walk by in a sea of smart suits and designer sunglasses, we discussed with our fellow peers of the then challenges in the property market and how to win and retain existing client business.

What drives and leads to success? Were we able to achieve this working within the environment we worked in, did we have the room to be free of thought and mind to grow and expand the department (at that time as we would like to)

At that time we were both working in private practice one as the partner of the department, the other as the assistant solicitor, we had a good number of clients including PLC listed companies as well as wealthy investors, which kept the department ticking over, but we wanted more, to be able to provide a more commercial offering to our clients that they were seeking elsewhere because we were limited at that time to only provide legal services.

Over the years we had built an enviable contact network of professionals related to the property industry on a UK and international basis and often found ourselves either referring work to these contacts or receiving tip offs of possible new work.

Working closely with a number of our business clients we often felt we could only assist our client’s part of the way, the legal process although has importance and precedence in any business transaction, it is only part way in the client’s view to the end goal.

In our experience most clients usually do not want to be drawn in by the technical know how of how a transaction or project has been progressed but the fact that they have the right people and team in place to get to the end result within budget and in time to achieve the return on investment.

Having the right team of experienced trusted advisors for a project  is priceless and can result in the saving of thousands even millions in some circumstances of wasted and unnecessary costs. You only have to look at the many examples out there such as Wembley Stadium.

So while sitting in that French cafe all those months ago, my business partner and I pondered over these very questions of why do projects fail? Why do projects run over budget? Why do projects run over time, why do clients/businesses spend so long in managing the professional teams appointed to carry out the work…

These questions arose in our minds through questions asked to us by our clients, by our fellow professionals and looking at the real estate industry as a whole.

It was at this time that the idea of our company was born – Devatas International

We have now been in operation for just over a year, a wise business associate of ours told us if you can get through the first 3 years of you have made it through the first stage of business.

Well we are now one third of the way through and can tell you going into business is not for the faint hearted, it requires a lot of passion, perseverance and patience. The many procedures and systems you take for granted in the corporate world are no more, but you do have the blank canvas to create your own world.

You will find below 10 milestones we are proud to have achieved in the first year of business including but not limited to: –

  1. Creating and choosing a business name
  2. Setting up of a company e-mail system
  3. Development of a website
  4. Creation of our company brochure
  5. Exhibiting our company services at Cityscape India
  6. Creating a new language to describe our services
  7. Moving into our world HQ office at Tower 42
  8. Building the business plan
  9. Obtaining bank funding (yes even in these economic times – xxx bank we love you)
  10. Appointing our affiliates and advisors
  11. Recruiting our excellent admin support team
  12. Pitched and won a project to deliver a Michelin restaurant in the west end of London

Our focus is on turning our clients’ ideas into reality, managing the project from strategic conception to delivery through our affiliates.

Devatas International has been inspired by its clients and contacts over the years to create a company to deal with the practical and commercial issues encountered by our clients and contacts including delays in project delivery, the lack of due diligence, failure to keep within budget and finding teams of honest, trustworthy and reliable professionals to carry out the project on their behalf.

Our journey although has been a little bumpy at times is still continuing, if you like what you have read above and would like to know more about our services please contact us at info@devatasinternational.com or call us on 020 7199 4810

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