We work in collaboration to unlock hidden value in your business.

Devatas International’s services are designed to provide answers to all of the critical questions that face all businesses.

We offer strategic roadmaps to unlock the value in your business using our integrated business processes

Our approach is unique because we work in collaboration with our experts using our central management tool to ensure clear communication of progress at each stage of the process.

Our services are designed to put you in control of key operational decisions and be commercial, relevant and transparent.

At Devatas International™ we truly see an intrinsic value and business advantage in conducting due diligence of your operational processes and procedures, as well as working towards the development of a comprehensive compliance programme, which seeks to reduce the risk of selling your business at an under value.

Our due diligence and integrity analysis services range from simple checks to a full due diligence of an organisations compliance programme. Our solutions are designed to support legal and compliance programmes by providing an effective and detailed integrity analysis on business partners, suppliers, agents, manufacturers and other third parties.

We provide clarity in our reporting process, aiming to give our clients a new way of understanding and communicating their position across all compliance areas. With this analysis in place, you will be able to proactively assess and mitigate the risks involved and make an informed decision.

In every project, we start with the question: “Can we make a difference?”

Our work is proactive, persistent, professional, clear and business focussed.

Exit your business at maximum value

Our fees and other terms of service are transparent and open. We do not engage in hourly billing like a law firm (because we aren’t one) and prefer to work on fixed or project fees rather than daily rates (though happy to negotiate day rates if requested). We can also work on terms that reward us for the value that we add (whether as a fee or by way of an equity stake). Our clients will find us open and willing to discuss a variety of engagement structures.



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